2011 Sydney Hobart Race Start

The Sydney Hobart sailboat race is the biggest annual yacht race in the world. It starts on Boxing Day (day after Christmas), so we moved Tahina to the north side of Sydney Hobart where we could watch the action up the harbour and out the pass to sea. We were told it would be a bit crazy out on the water with hundreds of boats trying to watch the action at the start. And it was a crazy amount of boat activity indeed!

We got up on a rocky island and took pictures with a zoom lens. We had a good view of the two big 100′ racers “Wild Oats XI” and “Loyal” as they let the way respectively out the pass to sea. Boy they were fast! There was what looked initially like a mosquito swarm of helicopters following all the action (we counted at least 13 helicopters out there).

Anyway, check out a few of the photos giving you a taste of the action we witnessed. I took only one HDR shot which gives you a good overview of our view of the race – and the cloudy weather we had looks cool in that photo.

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