Sydney Harbour 2012 New Year’s Fireworks

It was a momentous occasion fulfilling a dream that began many year’s ago. A dream to sail around the world and stop in Sydney to watch the New Year’s fireworks. It took us years of planning, over two years of sailing 20,000 miles. And we made it. The weather was perfect, and the fireworks lived up to all our expectations! We watched the event with hundreds, if not thousands, of boats out in the harbour. It was spectacular, stupendous, amazing, and every other superlative I can think of. It was the experience of a lifetime.

The photos turned out even better than I expected – especially considering the pictures were taken from a boat on moving water. The video was particularly good, and you can watch the full show from local TV below. But, first, here are a few highlights of the night views in a slideshow:

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You can only get so much from pictures though, so here is a taste of what it was really like from a local TV show. I have my own video clips, but I can’t compare to all the angles shown on the news show:

We had the family of the boat s/v Totem join us on Tahina for the first wave of fireworks. They have been in Australia for a while and had seen the previous year’s fireworks here as well. They showed us the ropes, and were great company.

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  1. Excellent pix Frank. Happy New Year

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