Happy Holidays from Tahina

We hope everyone has a wonderful time during the holidays. Our two daughters are arriving today in Sydney, so we are thrilled to have family with us on Tahina! It will be another warm Christmas for us, but that’s ok. We’ll suffer through it. We at least can get in the spirit of things (as shown in the photo). We also have our Christmas tree up, and some lights out on Tahina’s cockpit area. We wish we could see all of our family and friends, but rest assured we are thinking of you all.

The blog will probably be less active during the holidays, but I may squeeze out a few remarks here and there. If not, Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Happy Holidays from Tahina

  1. Daniel says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. bill says:

    Still following you. Merry Christmas from Bill, D-dock, Joyner Marina

  3. Tony Christian says:

    Seasons greetings Frank. It will be wonderful having the family together for Xmas.

  4. Paul Gilster says:

    Merry Christmas to the intrepid adventurers aboard Tahina! All best, Frank, and keep these incredible photos coming. What a ride this has been even from here…


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