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We have been enjoying a very pleasant anchorage in Broken Bay called Coaster’s Retreat. It is a beautiful little bay with a few rocky cliffs filled with green forest and a few houses nestled in a park. We have 3G Internet, and we have been using it to do our last minute shopping for Christmas back in the US. Our daughters will be bringing a suitcase laden with stuff for the boat, and our Christmas tree. Yes, we have a little Christmas tree on Tahina complete with lights. We’ve also been e-mailing and calling friends and family back home.

No port is complete without some boat repairs. I had been planning to upgrade our solar regulator so we could better use our solar panels to top off our fancy new batteries we got while in New Caledonia. The old regulator we’ve had could not fully charge to the higher voltages required. Well, the old unit suddenly decided to die on the passage down here. So, we are in the process of getting a newer improved one.

Today we plan to go into a marina and get some fresh water (we’re still waiting on a part for our watermaker which will arrive with our daughter’s suitcase). We also need to add some fuel and pick up some mail we had delivered here. We also need to start stocking up for Christmas foods.

Our daughters will be arriving next week! We can hardly wait to see them. And are looking forward to exploring Sydney with them. They are the best Christmas present we could have!

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