Photos of our Entrance to Sydney Harbour

Cloudy Sydney

It’s taken me all morning, but I’ve finally processed the photos from our grand entrance into Sydney Harbour. We left Broken Bay at 7:30 AM and motored our way south in very light southwinds. The winds picked up as we got down there, but they also brought yucky overcast clouds with them. Fortunately, with a lot of processing, I got some of the photos to look a lot more interesting. The photo to the right is a specially processed photo of Sydney from our boat, processed using HDR techniques. I think it looks pretty cool – kind of like a painting! And I’m now not so disappointed that there were clouds. I also did versions without all the heavy contrast effects, and even show some original photos for comparison.

We also got some photos from an acquaintance who was kind enough to position himself at the top of North Heads on the point of the entrance. He got some cool shots of Tahina as we set up our sails and sailed into the Harbour. Thanks Alan!

Check out all the photos of our entrance into Sydney Harbour, and our first views of Sydney Opera House and the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. We sailed right pass the Opera House and under the bridge. I hope you like the processed photos, I think they are very cool!

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  1. Tony Christian says:

    Excellent pix Frank. Pity with the weather.

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