Preparing for New Year’s Eve

We had a wonderful time with our daughters during Christmas. We did a bunch of sightseeing in town, and shopping. Thanks to parts they brought with them, we got our watermaker fixed, and we have a new solar controller that is working great. A few other less-critical repairs will get worked on in the coming days. The girls got to watch the Sydney Hobart race start, saw the Opera House up close, ate at the fish market, visited some parks and churches, and rode through the harbour and on the trains many times. It was great having them with us!

We are now focusing our attention on positioning Tahina to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. We won’t be trying to park next to the Opera House or anywhere near the bridge as it will be a mad house of boats. We are planning to move near the bay next to the Zoo which is about 3km from the bridge, but with a good view of the area over water.

Anyway, we hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

We attempted to take care of some boat needs at a public fuel station today. But, we didn’t have the right fitting for the pump-out, they don’t have public trash bins, and their water supply was so slow we didn’t even get enough water (they had too many boats waiting). So, except for filling the dinghy with fuel, it was a waste of time. We’ll buy a fitting and try again when it is less crowded.

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