Sailing Sydney Harbour Today

Sydney Opera House

In a little while we will be departing Broken Bay and heading down to Sydney Harbour. This is a moment I have been dreaming about for years. I fell in love with the idea after viewing the area in Google Earth in 3D years ago and imagining the day we would sail past the Opera House and the famous Sydney Harbour bridge. We have sailed 20,000 miles – half-way around the world to get here. For me at least, it is a momentous occasion.

I have been posting about our plan on the Internet through our Tahina Google+ page (+Tahina Expedition). We have at least one person planning to watch us when we sail through and will hopefully capture a few photos we can share later. I’ll be posting our ETA as we get closer on the page as well.

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  1. Jack Minson says:

    Sounds great! Enjoy the holidays with the girls!

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