Yamba and a Map of Passages So Far

Sol Cantina Mexican Restaurant

Sol Cantina Mexican Restaurant

It’s been raining for two and a half days here in Yamba Bay. There was a brief break yesterday afternoon and we finally got off the boat and went into town. We found a nice little touristy main street with a bunch of stores, cafes and restaurants. We also found a restaurant that said it was “authentic” mexican food. The menu looked good so we came back later when they opened. We soon had Dos XX beer, warm corn tortilla chips and salsa, and an excellent meal! Yummy! The restaurant is called Sol Cantina.

I’ve processed the GPS tracks of our passages since we arrived in Bundaberg. You can view the map here. Each color represents a passage on a different day. The first passage was when we left Bundaberg on November 12. So, this is almost a month’s worth of passages. It doesn’t look like much when compared to the size of Australia. But, by comparison sailing to Sydney from Bundaberg is like sailing from North Carolina to Georgetown, Great Exumas! Zoom in to see the details and read the posts for the past month for details on each passage.

View Bundaberg to Sydney Part I in a larger map

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