Busy in Sydney, Google Tech Talk

For the past week we’ve been busy on Tahina and in Sydney. We’ve been doing lots of chores (cleaning, provisioning, laundry). And we’ve done a little sightseeing. And, we have met up with some people.

Late last week we met up with friends on s/v Jerana. Bill and Kathi were taking a trip to a new Costco in Sydney, so we joined them. We enjoyed looking at all the US products, but we have most of what we need, and don’t need too many things in the bulk sizes Costco sells. But, it was nice hanging out with our friends and taking the trains.

I’ve been invited to give a tech talk at the Google Sydney office. That’s happening next week (I actually thought it was THIS Tuesday, but I mis-read the dates), so I’ve been busy the last few days preparing my presentation. Should be fun!

Yesterday, we were invited to the University of Western Sydney in Penrith to see some cool Google Earth projects they are working on. Andrew Leahy is doing some fun stuff with Liquid Galaxy (also known as the Google Holodeck) which puts several flat screens together in a semi-circle so you can immerse yourself in Google Earth. I’ll write more about this and put up some photos later.

Anyway, all is well on Tahina. We hope to do some more sightseeing later this week, and then we may be having some guests on board starting this weekend. More on that later.

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