Cruiser Weekend

This weekend our quiet little bay in Sydney Harbour had an invasion of sailboats. It’s not unusual for 4 or 5 boats to show up on the weekends, but this weekend there were 10 boats suddenly appearing on Friday afternoon. Two more showed up during the night! It was a cruiser yacht club, based in the Sydney area, that once a month picks a destination, sails there, and has a fun weekend with other sailors. Most of them only do coastal cruising, but a few manage to get out and do blue water cruising as well. But, none of the ones we met have done traveling like Tahina.

They invited us to come ashore to the park where they were having drinks and snacks on Saturday afternoon, and then later we were invited to have dinner on one of the boats. They were quite interested to hear stories from our trip and I brought the laptop to show them some photos. It was a fun evening of story telling to people who understand, and dream about, our way of life.

On Sunday afternoon, they all pulled up anchor, and we soon had our quiet little bay with just one other boat. The rainy weather has subsided a bit, and we are now looking to take Tahina up to Port Stephens while we do our land-based travel.

We have gone into the city during the last week a couple of times to do some shopping and to go see some movies at the cinema theaters. We found a really great shopping center north of Sydney at Macquarie Park. It’s a big new modern mall with a lot of stores and food places. And a nice new theater. Best one we’ve found yet. The Northern Line train goes through some long underground tunnels up there to pass under a park and river system. An amazing feat of engineering.

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