Photos from Taronga Zoo

During the holidays, while our daughters were visiting, we went to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. One of our daughters is getting a degree as a veterinary technician, and is interested in all kinds of animals. So, this was a big day for her – but, we all enjoy visiting zoos.

Big highlights on the day we visited were the baby tigers (a few months old), baby elephants, the Koalas, and the new bird show. The two baby brother elephants were very playful. And, the koala we visited were active as well. We got to get close, but not hold or touch them. Nice exhibits, and the animals seemed well cared for here. Check out a selection of photos in this slideshow:

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3 Responses to Photos from Taronga Zoo

  1. nanag says:

    Frank, did you get a new camera? These are the most clear, bright pictures I have seen! I loved all of the pictures of animals, but loved the ones with Trish and Ren, and then the one with all of you the best!!!

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Actually, I did get a new camera, but what really makes a difference is the new lens I was using. It’s a professional grade lens and makes a big difference. Thanks for noticing!

  2. Great snaps. Your daughters look so like their Mum

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