Spending Time in Sydney

We are still in Sydney awaiting the right opportunity to do some land-based traveling about this part of the country. I’m working to make arrangements to keep the boat somewhere while we drive or take trains to visit nearby sights. Meanwhile, we’ve been enjoying the city life a bit. We’ve taken trains into the city to go shopping, visit museums, and to eat at restaurants.

Last week, I gave a talk at the Google Sydney office about our Tahina Expedition, and how we are using Google technology as we sail around the world. It was great fun getting to share our experience with this audience, and it was one of my goals from before the trip started. Having a big Google office this close to our route made it a simple choice.

We recently discovered some people from back in North Carolina, who were the parents of friends of our daughters when they were in their early years at school, are now living in Sydney. We’re going to have dinner with them tonight. Very cool!

Living on the boat near the city also has the perk of our having good 3G Internet service. Karen and I have been dabbling in some of the new games available for our mobile devices. Lots of fun!

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  1. Bill Bailey says:

    Hi Frank,
    Well at least Sydney isn’t a bad place to hang out. If you manage to take a ferry over to Manly Beach you won’t be disappointed. And just north of Sydney – Palm Beach – is also beautiful and maybe a little less crowded. Here is pano we did on a visit to the area awhile back: http://www.circularworlds.com/panos/pb8.html

    Keep enjoying the journey – we’re enjoying watching it with you.
    Thanks for sharing and happy sails!

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