The Spore

For the past month or so here in Sydney we have both been dealing with a random allergy attack. It hits us with a scratchy throat or eyes, and a sudden onslaught of sneezing and runny nose. It’s a vicious thing and we don’t like it at all. We thought maybe mold (a constant issue on a boat), but we’ve done a bunch of cleaning and that doesn’t seem to be it. We have gone through many other theories, but the spore also has hit us when we are off the boat.

It’s probable that there’s something in the summer fauna here in Australia that our American bred system wasn’t made to deal with. We had something similar happen in New Zealand for a while. We are taking an allergy medication when it hits which seems to eventually pull us out of our misery. But, this thing strikes one of us every few days. It’s getting old.

What prompted me to write about this today? A 5:30 AM strike by the spore of course! Aaaaaachooo!

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  1. behan says:

    Frank, I’ve had the same problem here. I’ve finally chalked it up to “something in Australia doesn’t agree with my sinuses” (although attacking mold on board did make a big difference… I know I am super sensitive to mildew). Honestly, I’ve just resigned myself to popping a Zyrtec when I need it. The good news? Those things seem to work almost instantaneously. Kind of mind boggling actually how quickly it makes a difference. Maybe it will give you some relief.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Yep…Zyrtec is exactly what we’ve found works to. While not quite instantaneous, it does seem to start taking effect within a few moments. Great stuff!

  2. George Kemkas says:


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