360 Panorama in Blue Mountains at Three Sisters

The photo below was taken two days ago at the Echo Point lookout close to the famous Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains in Australia. Part of the Blue Mountains are a National Park and is located within a 2 hour train ride from downtown Sydney. Echo Point and the Three Sisters are near the town of Katoomba. This is a rectangular view of the 360 to give you an idea of what to expect.

I attempted to take a 360 in the afternoon a day earlier, but clouds moved in and ruined the shot. This photo was taken mid-morning and the Three Sisters are silhouetted by the light. The rocks are beautiful when lit by the late afternoon sun. Still you can see the view from here is stupendous, and even more beautiful in the late afternoon sunlight. You can also see the blue tint of haze covering the distant mountains which is how they got their name.

Echo Point at Three Sisters in Australia

I take eight photos, six around, one up, and one down, to get a full 360 spherical panorama like this. I then upload the photos to the 360Cities.net web site which hosts thousands of geo-referenced 360 photos and can also be viewed in Google Earth. Read more about the technique at the bottom of this post about the Bora Bora panorama.

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