Avoid the Politicians

One of the cities we are planning to visit on this road trip is Canberra – the capital of Sydney. We were making our way from Dubbo towards Canberra two days ago, when we had a sudden realization. This week they are having a huge political event to decide who will be the next Prime Minister for Australia. As a result, the city is filled with politics. We decided to re-route our travels to go for Melbourne and we’ll try to come back to Canberra on the way back north. We prefer to avoid politics!

Next week, we are booked on the ferry to Tasmania. It is supposedly a beautiful island with lots to see. We also got contacted by some friends from s/v Worrall Wind that they are going over to Tasmania at the same time as us. So, we hope to meet up with them.

We’ve been having a very nice time driving through some of the back roads of Australia near the Newell Highway. Yesterday we stopped in Parkes and visited the giant radio telescope they have there. I took a 360 panorama there which should be pretty cool. Today we are in Narrandera where we stopped to stay at a hotel. It was raining last night so we didn’t set up our tent at a campground.

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  1. Yes Tasmania is stunning Frank. Enjoy!

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