Dolphins and Rain

We had some dolphin visit us and dance off our bows (front of our boat Tahina) for a while! This happened last week as we sailed to Port Stephens from Broken Bay in Australia. The photos were processed at last by yours truly. There were about 20 of the dolphin in the pod. Here are the photos:

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An update on what we have been up to the last few days. The weather was nice here in Port Stephens through the weekend. We ran some errands in town (got a haircut, did laundry, did some shopping, got to know the nearby towns). We spent time planning some travels around NSW over the next couple of weeks. And, we worked on cleaning Tahina to try and remove mildew causing our allergy attacks.

The rain came back yesterday and it was rainy most of the day. It rained all night last night as well. We got off the boat anyway because Karen had to go to a doctor in order to get a prescription refilled here locally. It cost more money to get the prescription written than the medicine! Apparently the US isn’t the only place with medical industry issues.

We’re trying to get ourselves out of here and go do some sightseeing by car, but the weather is interfering. We’re now shooting for Thursday, but I think the weather may push us to Friday.

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4 Responses to Dolphins and Rain

  1. nanag says:

    Love the dolphins !

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Was looking and dreaming through your photos of the dolphins while at work and a thought hit me. Do you own a circular polarizer filter for your camera? It should allow a little better ‘penetration’ into the water (a theme in many of your photos) by cutting down on reflections from the sun etc. Might allow a better view of the dolphins in your photos. Helps with colour contrast in most shots. Well done none-the-less and I still enjoy following along every day.

    Keep sailing and safe travels.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Mike Brown: Yes, I have a couple of circular polarizing filters. And, when I remember to have one on, I make good use of it. Dolphins don’t show up on a schedule, and sometimes only stay for a minute or two. So, I rarely run back in to put on the filter. I always wear polarizing sunglasses though, so at least my view is always at its best! 🙂

  3. Mike Brown says:

    Been in that situation before when the equipment is not nearby, or little time is available to get the shot. Still great work, enjoy following along.

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