Road Trip Time

For the past week, we have been making preparations to leave on a road trip. It seems like it took forever, but we had a lot to do. We had to do several loads of laundry. We needed to clean mildew which formed from all the rain we had been experiencing from several areas on the boat. Several errands needed running like getting a haircut, and re-filling a prescription for Karen (which involved a doctor visit to get a local prescription).

We had to make some plans for our sightseeing, and decide on our method of travel. We opted to just rent a car, so yesterday we took the marina courtesy vehicle and drove to New Castle to pick it up.

In order to leave the boat on its own on a mooring (no shore power), we needed to clear out our fridge so it wouldn’t have to run off the batteries. Amazingly, only a few items had to be thrown out. We’ll give away some of the fresh veggies and other items to the marina staff (if they want them).

When we were sailing up the coast, I noticed one of our four primary automatic bilge pumps did not go off automatically. It still worked manually, but that doesn’t help if no one is on the boat. So, last night I replaced the pump with one of several spare new ones on board. It only took 15 minutes including clean up and testing.

So, we finally have everything packed, a car ready to go, and the boat gear properly stored. When the marina staff arrive to work (I’m writing this before dawn), we’ll call them and they’ll come and pick us up so we can leave the dinghy stored on Tahina. Expect lots more photos in the coming days!

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2 Responses to Road Trip Time

  1. Matt says:

    Does the marina staff make sure that Tahina is safe? We don’t want you to have a repeat of the May 25th Tahina rescue.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    Gee Matt, thanks for the reminder. 😉 Yes, the marina will be keeping an eye on Tahina. We are visible from their main office. Plus, the same conditions don’t apply with the mooring. This is a new mooring line, and we have it set up differently with three different connections. Plus, we made friends with the local yacht club people, they’ll also keep an eye out for her.

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