Spherical 360 Photo of Three Sisters Up Close

We took the trail to the Three Sisters where you can stand right at the base of the first rock (closest to the cliffs). As soon as I was coming down the stairs, I knew this was the place I wanted to do a 360. A photo here would give you a real sense of the view on all sides, and looking down into the depths of the canyon. First here is a flat rectangular perspective of the entire 360 panorama. But, you should go below here and “play” the full spherical representation courtesy of 360Cities.

The shooting for this photo was particularly challenging because of the huge variance in lighting with the sun shining on one side, and darker shadow areas on the stairs. Instead of the usual 8 photos (6 around, one up, and one down), I took 24 photos. Each of the usual 8 with exposure bracketing at 1.5 stops. This allowed me to use HDR processing and tone mapping to get a better range of exposures to meld into one cohesive panorama. This photo is more like what your eyes would see as a result – adapting for the bright and dark areas.

So, here is the photo. After hitting the “Play” button, click on the “FULLSCREEN” button to view it bigger. I suggest zooming in some to get a better sense of the depth of the scene. Make sure to look up and down too! Leave a comment if you like this – photographers love to hear what people think!

Three Sisters Up Close in Australia

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2 Responses to Spherical 360 Photo of Three Sisters Up Close

  1. Morgana says:

    Faceti un lucru minunat acolo! Imi dau seama ca nu este usor si cu atit mai mult apreciez efortul. Noi vedem comod din fotoliul de acasa in urma muncii dumneavoastra, chiar daca unii ar vrea sa fie acolo sa vada si altfel. Succes in continuare!

  2. nanag says:

    WOW! I know you loved making this picture…it is great.

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