Tahina Has Left Sydney

Well, we got a bit of a weather break and we finally left Sydney! We enjoyed the city, but the last three weeks of rain was not a lot of fun. On Thursday afternoon we did one last provisioning run and just barely got out of there in time to sail up to Broken Bay before dark. The seas were pretty choppy at the Sydney Harbour entrance, and we were motoring against an easterly wind and seas, making for a bouncy start. But, once we headed north we raised the sails and had a nice, if swelly, sail up the coast. We even hit 8-9 knots during the last few miles, after a wind shift, and then sailed our way into the bay over to Coaster’s Retreat. Here’s a couple of posts on the Google+ Tahina page of photos I took as we were leaving Sydney: picture of the city, and a picture of The Heads.

We’re going to stay here a few days because there’s a northerly wind blowing. On Sunday and Monday it’s supposed to be sunny, so we’re going to take public transportation and make our way up to the Blue Mountains. Finally! It’s something we had planned to do for over a month, but the weather interfered. Then we plan to sail further up the coast to Port Stephens where we hope to find a temporary berth or mooring for some more sightseeing.

This morning, I took the opportunity to dive overboard and check out Tahina underneath for sea growth. Yep, we had a bunch of scum, and some sizeable barnacle growth on our props and saildrives. No wonder we were not making normal speeds under motor! I spent an hour or so, with wet suit on, cleaning off the growth and wiping the waterline from the city harbour waters. Actually, for a big city like Sydney, the waters were remarkably clean. But, we were there for a month, so it definitely accumulated.

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3 Responses to Tahina Has Left Sydney

  1. Are you passing through Southport on the way North?
    Bon Voyage

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    @Tony: Depends on the weather and timing on our passage. We’ve already been there, so if we are making good time towards Brisbane, we’ll probably continue. We plan to stop in Brisbane to have some work done.

  3. George Kemkas says:

    3 weeks in Sydney.Any photos of Sydney?

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