Visit to Blue Mountains

One of the sights we planned to see while in the Sydney area was the Blue Mountains. It’s a beautiful region up in the hills northwest of Sydney with easy access thanks to trains that travel regularly between them. We wanted to make it at least a two day trip, but the weather never cooperated while we were in Sydney. We were determined to go before leaving the area, and a couple of nice days popped up. So, we left Tahina in Broken Bay to go and spend a night in Katoomba.

Katoomba is a historic town that was once home to a coal power station. We decided to stay at the historic Carrington Hotel which was the first hotel up there back in the 1800s. But, first we had to get there. We knew of no place where we could leave our dinghy over night, so we opted to take the ferry from Coaster’s Retreat. To get ashore, I first took Karen in the dinghy with our baggage. Then, went back, put away the dinghy, got the kayak out and paddled to shore. Then we hid the kayak in the trees and locked it. It took 2 hours for the bus to take us into the city, then another 2 hours for the train to get us to Katoomba. We should have planned more days!

Considering our brief few hours in Katoomba, we had an enjoyable time. We met up with a new local friend George Dyke and his wife Lucy and son Bernie. George contacted me because of a common background with International Space University. We got to see the Three Sisters, and I took 360 panoramas there (to be posted later). We really did not do this place justice, we wish we had a week or more to spend in the area. But, we needed to get back to Tahina because we didn’t have a long-term mooring.

The geography is interesting. The mountains are actually a broad high ridge, with big canyon-like depressions carved around them. Katoomba is situated on the top with a huge cliff area and awesome expansive views around it. We could easily see why the call them “Blue Mountains” with the typical haze of the atmosphere on a sunny day causing blue tint. We were already familiar with the phenomena from living near the Blue Ridge highway of North Carolina.

Anyway, here are a few quick photos of the Carrington Hotel, and our visits to the Three Sisters.

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