Bad Algorithm is First In Last Out

Well, that was disappointing. We got to the ferry docks early last night in Tasmania, waited for nearly 2 hours and finally got boarded. Only to have them guide us to the very bowels of the ship, on the bottom deck in the bow area. But, we were looking forward to our cabin for the night, so we shrugged that off still happy. We got to the cabin and it was very nice. We enjoyed it for an hour or so, got unpacked and showered, and went to the bar for a drink. Still happy as can be and ready for a good night’s sleep. The ship began departing the island and life was good.

But, when we got back to our room, it vibrated so hard our teeth were practically chattering! Despite being far above the engines on deck 8, we must have been in a resonance zone for the props. Needless to say, sleeping was not easy. Then, when we “woke” up at 6 AM we had to wait over an hour before they called us to go to our car. We then waited even longer before we finally got off. The pickup truck in front of us (we were parked backwards) was told he would be the last vehicle off. Oh joy! We finally got out about 7:30 AM. First In, Last Out… 🙁

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