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Since we returned from our road trip, we have been busy prepping to continue north. On Tuesday we moved Tahina to the fuel dock so we could take care of tanks. Unfortunately, their pump out system wasn’t working right, so we’ll have to wait for another opportunity for that. We did take on water, and then spent a couple of hours thoroughly cleaning the outside. But, we had to leave before the tide changed or we would have been plastered to the dock. We cut it close, and had some difficulty getting off the dock – mostly because (we suspect) the props are fouled again and were not performing as well as normal.

The next day I got up early and took on a couple of head pump challenges. I replaced our main macerator pump on the port side. As expected, it was both nasty and challenging because that pump is in an awkward position. We have another head pump which mysteriously failed while we were gone. I tested it and established a problem with the positive wire, but it’s possible the pump has gone bad as well (based on another test I ran). I don’t have a spare for that one, so I’ll need to buy another if it can’t be fixed.

We went into town with the rental car and got a weeks worth of provisions, and refilled a prescription. Then came back and did some laundry and took showers. In the evening, we went to the house of some American sailors who have been living here for a few years. One of them works for Boeing who has a contract at the local airport that runs some military aircraft for the Australian military. They invited us for a sumptuous dinner based on a recipe from a nearby restaurant. And, they invited another Aussie sailing couple as well. So, lots of good sailor talk for the evening.

Today we have to return the rental car. And we hope to get our propane tanks re-filled. I may also take a short dive to clean the props. After that, we should be ready to move the boat. We are just waiting for a weather window to develop this weekend that may allow us to start our way north. The winds have been the wrong direction (from the northeast) for the past few days. We have 3 weeks to get ourselves back to Bundaberg – which shouldn’t be a problem even with weather delays. It’s about 4 days worth of sailing back to Bundy.

I need to do some routine maintenance on the engines between now and and our flight home. We want the boat to be in tip-top condition before we leave mid-April for our flight to the US. We will do a major cleaning inside the boat. After our return from the US, we have guests coming to Tahina for a couple of weeks. One of my former employees with TriNet (my first Internet start-up) is bringing his family to visit Tahina. We are really looking forward to that!

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