Continuing North From Southport

We have had an enjoyable stay this week in Southport. We did some shopping at the nearby mall. We went to dinner with an Aussie family – the father has been following Tahina for a while and has given us tips during our visit here (thanks Tony!). We even managed to go to two movies at the movie theater – including yesterday when we went to see the first showing of “Hunger Games” earlier than the rest of the world thanks to our location near the dateline (it was good by the way!).

Today we are leaving Southport to head north to the Brisbane area. We found a slip in a marina in the town we stayed at last time called Manly (the one in Queensland, not the more famous one near Sydney). This time we are going to go the inter-coastal route. We didn’t go this route before because there is an overhead wire on the charts that says it is too low for our mast to clear. But, we’ve been told by some locals, and cruisers who have gone that way, that we should clear it thanks to one side being up on a hill. Going this route means we only travel 41 nautical miles. The other way, around Moreton Island, means the distance is 93 nautical miles, and we are in the open seas open to some weather that isn’t great today.

We expect to be in the Brisbane area at least a week to two weeks. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos to the previous post showing that glorious scene of the clouds and sunlight, and a shot of Tahina at sail downwind with sails on either side.

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4 Responses to Continuing North From Southport

  1. Hi Frank
    Great catching up with you guys.
    Let me know if you want me to check with the Blue Water Marina in Cairns in the future. Contact is Rick Herschell 0418555922 or 07 40575726 email:
    Bon voyage & look fwd to following the rest of your expedition.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks Tony! We enjoyed the dinner and getting to meet you and your family.

  3. Dave Houston says:

    We went under the power line staying close to the pylon that sits out in the water and had no problem, so I guess you can pass next to the hill or out near the pylon.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thanks Dave, we went under the power line without any issues. Easily 5 meters of clearance above us, possibly more.

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