Home Sweet Home

We just got back to Tahina after our 2.5 week road trip around the southeastern parts of Australia. It was a good trip with lots of interesting sights and good experiences. But, as we started north I found myself increasingly ready to get back to Tahina. After continuously living on the boat every day since last April, it was hard to leave Tahina on her own without our daily attention.

Now we are back. Home sweet home! Probably most people would not think of referring to a boat as home. But, since we left America 2.5 years ago, and sold our last house of 15+ years, Tahina has been more than just our home. She’s also been our main form of transportation, and our safe haven in bad weather. She’s responsible for bringing us to wonderful places like the Galapagos, Bora Bora, Tonga, Fiji, and many more exciting places across the Pacific. We have spent many hours keeping her fit, cleaning her, and watching after her welfare. She is truly a part of our life right now that is hard to describe. I know other sailors out there know exactly what we mean!

We were happy to see the boat was fit as could be. The solar panels did a great job and kept the batteries and the fridge and freezer going the entire time, and the batteries were full. No bad smells, and no signs of new mildew. Yay!

Next we start making plans for the next phase of moving our boat up to Bundaberg – with a stopover in Brisbane we hope. I’ll put up a post tomorrow summarizing our last days of the road trip, and try to catch up on more photos we took as well.

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