Nice Sail to Southport

We are anchored in Southport, QLD after an uneventful and mostly pleasant sail from Yamba yesterday. We had good winds most of the day and managed to maintain an 8 knot average. The only problem was the rather bumpy seas for the first half, but they gradually eased during the course of the day as the winds dropped below 20kts. We had an awesome wing-on-wing downwind run towards Southport as the sun was casting rays around a squall of rain over the mountains. We ended up motoring the last 5 miles or so in order to insure we would arrive before dark. We crossed the bar at just past 6PM local (7 PM Sydney time).

I hope to upload a picture later, but we are cleaning up and then going ashore to do some shopping.

Oh, and here is a picture of our wing-on-wing sailing towards the skyscrapers of Southport (click for larger):

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