Photos and Upside Down

This post was actually written a couple of weeks ago when we started our road trip. For some reason, the post never published. It was based on a funny observation about living in the southern hemisphere. And, there are some photo albums I had meant to make public.

One thing in the new car drove me a bit nuts on the mountain roads. I wanted to use the gear shifter, but it wasn’t working right. Finally, I pulled over and looked and realized the shifter worked upside down. This is classic in the southern hemisphere. I think its someone’s perverse sense of humor that if you are “down under” then things should work upside down. The light switches turn on down, and this shifter goes “+” down and “-” up! That’s against all mathematical conventions. Come on guys!

Anyway, I had a chance to process some photos from our drive up to Dubbo. I definitely didn’t take enough photos. It was a beautiful day and lots of nice scenery. But, we were running a bit behind schedule and couldn’t stop very much. Here’s just a taste:

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Also, here are a few photos from Soldiers Point Marina. The big highlight while we were there were all the birds there. I didn’t get the photos I wanted of the big pelicans that live there. I’ll get some of those when we get back. Did see some nice sunsets though.

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2 Responses to Photos and Upside Down

  1. Dave Houston says:

    Dockside marina is the way to go if you are going to spend a week in Brisbane. The ferry stops right at the marina and drops you wherever you want to go. For sure a city where a car is a disadvantage. It may not be worth steaming all the way up the river if you were just planning on a day or two though. It was our favorite city in Australia.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    @Dave: Thanks for the tips!

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