Pictures of Melbourne

Visiting Melbourne Australia was a great experience! The city is huge and spread out, and has a lot of character. We wish we had more time to explore the sights here. We managed to visit the Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, we saw Chinatown, walked by the Flinster Street Station, tried to visit the Maritime Museum (now closed), the Queen Victoria Market, and we went to see John Carter (of Mars) at the IMAX theater yesterday (we enjoyed it!). The photo here is of the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens (now a World Heritage Site – see the banner). You can’t go inside the building except for a guided tour.

Below are a few photos we managed of the places we saw. I particularly like the Flinster Street Station photo and the shot I took of a parrot in the campground we were staying (last photo). We will be leaving today for Canberra.

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