Taking the Ferry to Tasmania

I am writing from one of 10 decks on the Spirit of Tasmania – a large ferry ship from Melbourne to Tasmania. We left just an hour or so ago to visit the this beautiful island south of Sydney off the coast of Australia. We only have a few days to see the island before we need to head back and make our way back to Tahina. This picture is as we departed the ferry dock with the city of Melbourne in the background.

Many of you have written to ask why we chose not to take Tahina to Tasmania. There were several considerations. Tasmania is nearly 600 miles from Sydney which was the furthest point south we had Tahina in Australia. It would have taken over 3 days one-way to sail there. Because of our sightseeing plans, we felt we only had a few days to go to Tasmania. Plus, we wanted to see Melbourne and other places and the ferries leave from Melbourne. Another big factor is that the weather between Australia and Tasmania is notorious. In fact, there was a gale blowing through just last night with 40+ knot winds between here and Tasmania (or “Tazzy” as the locals often call it).

Another factor was that we were tired of the rain in Sydney back in Jan/Feb, so we decided to head north to try and escape the rains. So, at that point it wasn’t practical any more to head south.

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