Back to the USA

After weeks of work on the boat, with a few breaks here and there, mostly drinking sundowners with our boating friends, we are finally ready to leave for our trip back to the USA. Tomorrow we take a train to Brisbane, spend the night in a hotel, and the next day go to the airport for our flight to the US. Thanks to the International Date Line, we will actually arrive in LA a few hours before we take off from Australia. But, I think we’ll still feel like we spent almost an entire day flying. We then have to fly our way all the way across the continent to North Carolina.

We completed a lot of big jobs on Tahina, but there will still be a few when we return. For one thing, we will be bringing back lots of boat parts to replace items that have gone bad or will soon be a problem, plus spares. In fact, we’ll probably have a couple of extra bags to bring back. Even if we have to pay extra baggage fees, it will be worth not having to have to ship them to Australia and go through the clearance mess again.

We are very excited to be going home and getting to see our friends and family! It will be a busy time between trying to catch up with people, shopping, getting packages delivered, graduation party, and many more activities. We’ll probably get an overdose of exposure to so many people we know. But, it will be great!

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