Tonga Dream Resort

While we were in the Ha’apai group of islands in Tonga in 2010, we met up with a guy named Darren who was running the dive business on Foa Island. He had heard about Tahina from other cruisers and was anxious to meet me because he had heard about my kite aerial photography. He was keen to get one of the islands near him into Google Earth because it had very poor imagery. Karen and I even flew the kite and took some photos of the island (the photo here is one of them), but fortunately Google has since added some good satellite imagery that covers the island. We also did some dives with Darren and he showed me some great stuff about underwater photography. Later, we met up with Darren and some people running a resort called Matafonua Lodge Resort, and had a great evening there. The blog post about the visit can be found here, and pictures from Ha’apai were posted here.

It turns out that Darren and his wife ended up buying the Matafonua Resort and they are now running the dive and whale watching business from there as well. This place is really beautiful and I can say for sure Karen and I will gladly go visit the resort so we can see this beautiful place again. If you’re looking for an awesome small remote island resort to go to, I can recommend this one. To give you a taste of how beautiful is is, Darren produced this video:

Matafonua Lodge Resort Ha’apai Kingdom of Tonga from Liquid image Productions on Vimeo.

Darren also was inspired by my kite aerial photography, and purchased an R/C airplane and a GoPro video camera. His first flight with the plane and camera produced some awesome video, but the end came rather abruptly resulting in a broken propeller. It’s worth a watch for the awesome views of the islands and reefs, but also for the rather dramatic ending.

And, if you’re wondering where this place is located, here’s a link to a map.

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2 Responses to Tonga Dream Resort

  1. Robert Duarte says:

    Loved the video. What great views. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beki says:

    Nice video and yes, that IS a dramatic ending! What’s the music? I have yet to visit Tonga; would love to bareboat there.

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