Heading Back Down Under

We are leaving this afternoon to begin our long trip back to Australia. It was great getting to see so many of our friends and family! And, this time we will only be gone a few months before we are back again to visit during the winter holidays. We have a full load of luggage – almost 300 pounds: 4 checked bags (almost 50 lbs each), 2 carry on bags, and two backpacks. That’s the maximum number we can take without extra fees. Whew!

We fly back to Brisbane, and will then have to move our load of luggage onto the city train, then we have to reduce each bag over 40lbs to reach the maximum allowed on the long-distance train (we have extra bags for this), and then take that train to Bundaberg. Then we have to figure out how we’re getting back to the boat (we forgot that part!) – probably a rental car.

We have to thank our friends the Schwabs who were kind enough to host us in their house for almost our entire visit to the US – nearly a month. They were really great to allow us to do this, and even loaned us a car for a while until we made other arrangements. It really pays to have great friends!

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