Division of Crew

We were literally within minutes of departing for the airport in Raleigh (just 10 minutes after the post I made about our luggage), when Karen got a text from her sister in Houston. Her sister was having more complications from a mysterious illness which had started a couple of weeks earlier. Karen had already been worried, and this one tipped the scales. Karen felt she must stay in the US and go help her sister. So, with only moments to think things through, we decided I would continue to the boat and she would stay.

It was a lonely trip half-way around the world, and even more lonely back at the boat. I managed to re-pack the two checked bags I brought to have the most critical boat parts with me. But, a lot was left with Karen’s bags. My trip went remarkably smoothly with no delays (in fact, all flights arrived early). The only hiccup was that one of the big bags did not get on my train from Brisbane to Bundaberg. But, they got it on the next train and delivered it to the marina the next morning.

Meanwhile, they finally diagnosed Karen’s sister’s ailment: she has Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from a tick bite. They began treatment for it, but she has some complications from the fever having lasted so long. Karen is still there and expects to stay some more days until there is improvement.

We had begun plans to have our daughter Trisha join me next week to help me with the boat until Karen gets here, but she has just received a jury duty notice for next week. Argh!

At this point, I am going to need to find someone to help move Tahina up to the Whitsundays. Any volunteers?

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  1. Fred Horch says:

    Wish I could be there –and had the skills — to help you sail up the coast!

    What a scare for Karen and her sister. Now that they have a diagnosis I hope she’ll be able to recover soon.

    And what a time for Trisha to get jury duty!

    Again, wish there was something I could do to help. I just envy the lucky person who gets to crew the Tahina with you.

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