Got Crew Now Prepping for Departure

Luck has once again prevailed and we have found a crew to help move Tahina up to the Whitsundays! I posted a couple of days ago in several places about our need, and the one on Google+ proved to be the winner. A retired former cruiser gentleman, named Marius Coomans, who has been following us on our blog here for over a year, who lives in Sydney, was flexible enough to be able to make immediate arrangements, and make a flight up to Brisbane and take the train to Bundaberg the next day (today). He formerly owned a Lagoon 38, and cruised the east Australian coast for 9 years. So, he knows these waters well. If I’m able to complete preparations today, we should be able to leave first thing tomorrow.

I’ve completed a number of important tasks in the last few days:

  1. Re-installed our repaired chartplotter which I took back to the states to send to Raymarine. We had an inoperative button, and a circuit board had some problems. The biggest challenge on the re-install was getting the glue off the cover and console where I had duct taped the cover to protect the hole while we were gone. But, acetone and goo remover did the job. Chartplotter problems fixed! Now I just need to re-create all my customizations since it lost them in the firmware upgrade.
  2. Installed the new gypsy (chain wheel) for the anchor windlass which was bought in the US. The old one was wearing and the chain had been skipping for the past few uses. Install only took 15 minutes. Easy!
  3. Rented a truck and went to pick up our anchor and chain which were re-galvanized while we were gone. The marina manager here at Bundaberg Port Marina once again did a great job and used his fork lift to bring the palette with our anchor and chain to the fuel dock. He also jumped on board Tahina and helped me dock (since Karen isn’t here). I used a pair of thick gloves (the galvanizing leaves sharp little bits of metal on the chain that will wear off after use), and had run a rope through the chain tube to the bow in preparation. We soon had the 400 feet of chain pulled through (thanks to the new gypsy working so well).
  4. Made a few trips to town and got provisions for the next week or so. Without Karen, I didn’t dare attempt to buy food for our guests as well.
  5. Took care of some banking matters including paying our fee for the Darwin Rally this summer.
  6. Spent a bit of time each day cleaning the outside of Tahina thoroughly. And the dinghy as well.
  7. Unloaded our old original anchor for the boat and put it for sale at the store on consignment. This removed 75 lbs from the boat, and we might even get money. I had kept it in case we needed a spare, but I decided two anchors is enough, and the weight is more important on a catamaran.
  8. Got a new courtesy flag
  9. Picked up some goods we had shipped to the marina while we were gone.
    Began work to rig the new spinnaker, but need to wait for less wind. It needs to be installed inside the sock. Will try this morning.

  10. Checked our scuba tanks and discovered we have three not filled. Will have to look for somewhere to fill tanks.
  11. Put away stuff from the trip and cleaned/organized inside the boat.

Here’s a slideshow of the anchor and chain being re-installed after fresh galvinizing:

View full-sized

Today I have to do some final preparations including: opening thru-hulls I closed while away, rigging the spinnaker, getting rental car to pick up crew, taking Tahina to fuel dock and fueling diesel and gas for the dinghy, re-install dinghy painters and harness, and buying more provisions as needed for crew.

It will be a busy day! I sure wish Karen was here, but at least we are still getting the boat moved as needed. Hopefully Karen will be able to fly out by the end of the week and help before our guests arrive in the Whitsundays at the end of the month.

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