Guests Arrive on Tahina

Yesterday we finally had our guests arrive – only one day late – on Tahina. The father, Fred, is someone who worked for me 15+ years ago. We have stayed in touch over the years and their family of five has been living in Japan during the past year. They took some time to come join us for 10 days here in the Whitsundays. They have 3 kids – a girl and two boys.

The weather has not been very great here in the Whitsundays. In fact, it was gusty and rainy all day yesterday. According to sailing friends of ours who came here up to three weeks ago, the weather had been awful almost the entire time. In fact, several have left early to begin making their way to Darwin. However, the weather should start improving over the next couple of days and we expect good weather for several days starting on Sunday.

We spent time yesterday introducing them to the boat, and going ashore to get some snorkel gear, do laundry, and get some last minute provisions. It looked like we might have a window today to move the boat to the islands, but I think we may wait a bit before deciding. The weather will certainly be better tomorrow – less winds and rain.

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