Happy Graduation Weekend

The primary purpose of our trip home was to attend the graduations of our two daughters. Their graduations coincidentally happened on the same day and time in two different cities. Karen and I had to split up and each attend a ceremony for only one of them each. The ceremonies were on Friday afternoon, so many friends and families would have had a hard time going anyway.

We held a graduation party for both girls on Saturday. This way many of our family members and friends were able to come. First we had a lunch party for just family – with 22 attending, and then followed this with a party at a community center private room. We had cake and snacks and had the interesting experience of introducing the 22 family members to some of our close friends and family. We had the girls bring their caps and gowns and everyone got to have their picture taken with them.

Since it was Mother’s Day the next day, I made sure to bring some flowers for my mom. Of course, I brought flowers for Karen as well. I also brought roses to give one each to all the other mothers who were at the party. The only problem is that I forgot to give out the flowers until everyone was leaving. I think I missed giving some to a few who left early. Grrr

Some of our family came from as far away as Pennsylvania and the mountains of North Carolina. After the afternoon party, most of the family went to the house of my nephew and niece who live in the Raleigh area. We had an impromptu BBQ and spent another couple of hours before everyone headed their separate ways. It was a wonderful day with friends and family! A moment well worth traveling half-way around the world to attend.

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  1. nanag says:

    I thought it was a perfect day, except I missed John, Angela, Austin, Kaitlyn, Steven, Samantha, Crystal, and Jason…the missing children and grandchildren, and of course Karen, Chris, Taylor and Dylan!!! We will miss you and Karen more than ever, now that we got to spend some time with you, but I know you are looking forward to more wonderful travels. We love you.

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