Karen Arrives Guests Delayed

Karen arrived at last on Monday! It was great seeing her, although she went straight to sleep after her long flights from Houston. I ended up going to dinner with our friends on s/v Kilkea, s/v Sea Mist, and s/v Leu Cat who were celebrating a birthday from each boat all within a couple of days. That was a merry evening, and I barely remember getting back to the boat.

On Tuesday morning, I chose to jump into the water and make sure our props were clean. Because of the weather on the way up from Bundaberg, I hadn’t been able to do it earlier. It turns out there was only some spotty growth on the props, and about 60% coverage on the sail drives. We had gusty winds, but managed to get off the dock between the gusts. We sailed the 17 miles to Airlee beach without too much trouble – despite the gusty winds. Just flew the jib the whole way, mostly on a broad reach.

We got a call early in the morning from the family coming to join us for 10 days. Turns out the mother got sick over night. They re-scheduled their plans to come a day later. I told them it would be fine because the weather isn’t good the next couple of days anyway. Then, late last night they called again – two of the kids got sick too. Apparently it was not food poisoning, so they must have got a virus. Ugh! So, they are going to get a hotel and wait a day or two to let the sickness work its way through. What a bummer!

This gave me the opportunity to arrange for someone to make a new bow roller and get our anchoring problems fixed.

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