Looking Forward to Diving

Diving Rainbow Reef, Fiji

Our daughters graduate in a few days, and later this month we will be back in Australia heading towards the Great Barrier Reef. We have been busy not only visiting friends and family, but also buying lots of boat parts, and new diving gear. One of our daughters – Trisha – will be joining us for a month while we dive the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). She’s taking a class to get re-certified (she was last certified when she was 12 years old). So, we bought her some gear and we have bought some more gear to replace aging scuba equipment on the boat. We want to be in tip-top shape for the diving on the GBR!

We had some fantastic dives in Fiji last year. But, the GBR has some fantastic reefs and sea life and should provide us with some real quality diving and underwater photography opportunities. If you’d like to see and read about some of our favorite dives on the trip, check out some of these links:

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