Doing the Non-Internet Side of Whitsundays

If you are visiting the eastern shores of the Whitsundays, the island mountains block the cell phone service, so Internet is unreachable by those means. We are sailing between islands at the moment, so this message is just to let you know we are still out here.

We did a scuba dive yesterday at the Pinnacles off Hook Island. It was a very nice dive with lots of coral and plenty of reef fish to watch. The only negatives were the continuing cold water (71-75 degrees F), and there was low clarity due to the tide change. By the last half of our dive the clarity got better. Will have a few pictures to share later.

Today we are headed to Border Island which also reportedly has good diving. Then we will sail down to the beautiful white sand beach of Whitehaven off Whitsunday Island. But, no Internet there either I’m afraid.

The next day we will return to Hamilton Island so we can return the scuba tanks I rented. They wouldn’t fill ours because they weren’t tested in Australia. A needless bureaucratic hassle that costs too much too.

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