Eye Sore

Activity here at Lizard Island had reached a frenetic pace as we made good friends with some Aussie boats who regularly visit the area. They have showed up some really unique sights here and hiking and snorkeling all over the place.

We had moved Tahina to a closer spot in the anchorage, but this cut off our ability to get Internet. We were so busy with the activities, we were ok with that. But, today I needed to move us back out to get on.

A couple of days ago, we went to a social on the beach – all of the boat crews went ashore and congregated around some picnic tables with drinks and snacks. We were having a great time. But, my eye started itching. Without thinking, I reached up and rubbed it a bit. It felt like I was scratching sand or something, so I stopped right away. Back at the boat I took out the contact and washed the eye with saline solution, and went to bed without worrying about it further.

The next day, I noticed it was bothering me a bit as I continued with hiking and snorkeling activities. By the end of the snorkeling, the eye was getting to be light sensitive. So, I laid down and took a nap with eye shades covering my eye. That night, the eye started showing signs of infection, and I had a hard time sleeping.

The next morning I went to the nurse at the local resort. After consulting with a doctor on shore, they gave me some antibiotic drops and ointment to combat the infection. During the ensuing hours, it actually seemed worse in most ways. A lot of mucus covers the eye, and it became swollen shut most of the time.

There is an airport here, and we may send on a flight back to Cairns so I can see an eye doctor. I’ll be investigating that option next now that we have Internet again.

We had intended to go out to the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and go diving. We were disappointed not to be able to go. Trisha went with some of the other boats to at least go snorkeling out there. So, not all was lost.

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