Frank Heading to Cairns to See Doctor

My eye has gotten worse. We made arrangements on the first available plane (there’s a small resort here on Lizard Island with an airport) to get me (Frank) to the nearest city – Cairns, which is today. I will go to the hospital. I’ve had an ophthalmologist specialist I know in the US look at a photo of the eye and he says the condition is serious and will require special antibiotic treatments, and probably surgery. I may have to fly to a specialist in another city or country to get it specially treated.

This most likely will cause delays exceeding our ability to join the Rally in Darwin and going to Indonesia like we planned. So, for those of you expecting us in Darwin, it may not happen.

I will provide updates on the blog here when I have a better grasp of the circumstances and how it will change our plans.

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6 Responses to Frank Heading to Cairns to See Doctor

  1. Linda Moore says:

    We’ll be thinking about you and hope that all goes well at the doctor. Hugh and I can appreciate how much more complicated are the simple acts, like finding a doctor, when you don’t have good Internet.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thanks Linda. This was certainly a very unexpected result from an innocent itchy eye beginning. The tropics are notorious for introducing infections from small sores, but this was really unexpected.

  2. nanag says:

    Honey, our prayers are with you. Maybe the antibiotics will work wonders. I love you so very much. Please keep us up to date.

  3. Volker says:

    Best wishes from germany. Good decision, eye infections can get rather serious if not treated quickly. I hope this ends as good as all of the other adventures you shared with us.


  4. Paul Gilster says:

    Very sorry to hear about this, Frank! I’m subject to eye infections myself and I’m hoping the antibiotics can get you through this without anything more drastic. All best. — Paul

  5. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks to all for the best wishes. I have made another post providing more details on what the results are likely to be. It means some changes to our plans.

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