Kuranda Village and the Rainforest

If you visit Cairns, one of the top tourist destinations is the Kuranda Village and the rainforest. You can get there by train, bus, or the gondola. Most people take the gondola up and the train down (or vice versa). We the the gondola up and train down and it was the right way to do it considering the weather we had. It was a glorious day of sunshine and only a few clouds, and not too cool.

Since it hasn’t been raining much in the past few weeks, the rainforest wasn’t wet, but it was still beautiful. Lots of tree variety, vines, etc. We didn’t see a lot of life, mostly birds – and the always present cockatoos were most noticeable.

The gondola also takes you by the huge gorge made by the water which falls through the Barron Falls. There’s a huge hydro-electric plant which was built by tunneling water sluices through the mountains. The train also was a feat of engineering early in the last century which included men hand-digging 15 tunnels and many bridges to make the path.

At the Kuranda village, there are a bunch of touristy shops and restaurants. There is also several exhibits for birds and animals. Trisha in particular wanted to do the koala exhibit where you can “cuddle a koala”. They actually let you hold one and have your photo taken. She loved it!

We had a great day there and enjoyed the train ride back. It was a little long (about 1.5 hours). Strangely enough, I even took a nap!

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