Tahina Crew Changes

Our friends with the three kids, who joined us for 10 days in the Whitsundays, left on Sunday. We came back to Airlie Beach on Saturday and they treated Karen and I out to a nice dinner on shore. The next morning, everyone got up and got busy preparing for a busy day. After breakfast we started cleaning up the boat, getting sheets off the beds, and creating a huge collection of bags of laundry. We took those ashore, and then came back and got all the helpers. Everyone helped carry the laundry to the town where we started up the laundry. Karen and I took a bus to get more provisions for our next week or so while the Horch family took care of the laundry. Karen and I took a taxi with the load of food back to the Sailing Club and then got it back to the boat. Then I rushed back and helped bring the laundry back to Tahina. Whew!

We had a nice lunch on board Tahina and then the family finished re-packing their clean clothes. It was after 2PM already and so we said our goodbyes and I took the family ashore with their luggage.

Meanwhile, our daughter Trisha had already begun her 1.5 day journey from the US to join us, and would be flying into Hamilton Island the next day.

Karen and I immediately pulled up anchor and ended up having to motor the entire way back to Hamilton so we could get there before the marina closed. Although it is very pricey, we needed to get a slip so we could wash the salty Tahina, and take on more fresh water. I spent 90 minutes washing things down on the outside while Karen worked on the inside. We then treated ourselves to fish and chips on shore.

The next day, we finished cleaning up the boat and I attempted to get my scuba tanks filled. Unfortunately, after hauling them to the dive shop I found out they wouldn’t do it because the tanks weren’t inspected in Australia. So, I had to rent some tanks from them (at a ridiculous price) instead. We had to leave the marina at 11 AM or they would have started charging us nearly $20/hour. So, we moved out to the free moorings at Dent Island.

Our daughter’s flight landed at 2PM so I went ashore with the dinghy and walked to the airport (.3 miles) – instead of paying for an $8 taxi ride. (you heard that right) Her flight was right on time and after a big hug we got her luggage and walked back to the dinghy. She was really happy to have her long flight over, but said she managed to have a good sleep on the oversea plane.

We moved the boat back up to Cid Harbor last night and it wasn’t long before the traveler went back to sleep. We are thrilled that our daughter will be able to spend a month helping us move the boat to Darwin, and that she had a safe trip out to join us.

For those of you who read this entire post, I’ll let you know that I’ve now updated the Tahina map to show our travel history from Sydney up to Hamilton Island. It’s not all the details, but it shows the general path.

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  1. Paul Gilster says:

    Frank, $8 for .3 miles? Wow! I can see why you walked.

  2. George Kemkas says:

    Australian or US $?

  3. George Kemkas says:

    Please answer.USD or AUD?
    I want to convert in Euros

  4. George Kemkas says:

    Please answer.USD or AUD?
    I want to convert in Euros.
    I intend to come to whitsyndays

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