360 Panoramas of Lizard Island

I was having a wonderful time at Lizard Island before I caught the eye infection. I’ve processed the two 360 panoramas I took before I left. The first was taken on the first good weather day. My daughter and I climbed to Cooks Lookout – the highest point on the island. Captain Cook climbed this point to scout for a way out of the Great Barrier Reef – he saw lizards on the island, which is how the island got its name. Nearby there’s a boulder overlooking the blue lagoon, the airport, the resort, and the anchorage. When we got up there, clouds suddenly formed and stuck around the top of the island. I took the panorama anyway because it still looked interesting, and has a surreal look to it when you look around.

Near Cooks Lookout on Lizard Island in Australia

The second panorama was taken from a saddle down below Cooks Lookout – down closer to the lagoon. The skippers from s/v Footprints, and s/v Juniper (Mark and Peter respectively) took me on a walk-a-bout to this place which they said had a pretty view. We had to do a bit of bush-whacking to get there. It is indeed a very fine view.

Saddle on LIzard Island in Australia

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