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Our daughter had over a month to visit us on Tahina. Although I missed much of the last two weeks, I think she had a really good time while “trapped” by the weather at Lizard Island. She met up with a number of similar aged young people who worked at the resort there and dated a young man there several times before they had to leave to come down to Cairns.

On Monday, she had a flight to Brisbane to catch so she could make her connections leading her home to the US. I had to wake her up at 4:30 AM and take her ashore in the dinghy so she could take a 5 AM taxi to the airport. Everything went smoothly and she sent us a messages as she progressed on her journey.

Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing to suffer through my eye treatments. The treatments of antibiotics have dropped to a single type, but on an hourly basis still through the day. My eye is still extremely irritated by the toxins, and my regiment of pain medications is still required. I’ve made the mistake at times of trying to go longer between pain meds, and I find out just how much pain is still there.

Today I go back to the doctor again. It’s been 4 days since the last appointment, so I’m anxious to find out the progress, and whether I can stop the antibiotics. Once they stop, I still have other treatments and time to wait to allow the tissues to heal, before I find out if I will get any vision back in the eye.

It is very frustrating how long this is all taking. Especially when the only near-term plan of action we have is to catch up to the Indonesia Rally that starts in less than two weeks. We are already at least two weeks behind because it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get to Darwin from here, and we have to wait for the treatments. If the treatments take longer than two weeks, we may have to evaluate other plans for our journey.

Meanwhile, I’ve been learning to adjust to operating with one eye. There are many challenges you might not think about to this: no 3D movies, significantly reduced night vision, reduced peripheral vision, increased strain on the good eye, poor depth perception. Here’s a strange one: fly swatting. I’m horrible at it now.

Sorry for not updating the blog more often. But, the main news is the eye, and it is very slow progress. I’m trying to keep positive and I am being very diligent with the treatments. But, it has not been easy. When it gets particularly hard, I remind myself that my friend Steve on s/v Dignity has begun radiation treatments. My treatments are very mild in comparison and I hope and pray Steve’s treatments are successful.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Frank, be patient – eyes do take an awfully long time to heal. After a severe eye trauma in 2004, it took 2 years for George’s eye to heal … and with the corneal edema from the inflammation, your eye will be pretty useless for a while. All your sailing friends are keeping their fingers crossed hoping, that you will get better soon.
    Sending best wishes from Switzerland (where I am, taking care of a family emergency)

  2. Barbara Cole says:

    So sorry to read about the eye problems and pain. I hope the treatments go quickly and you are good as new soon. Barbara from Port Stevens, NSW

  3. nanag says:

    Thank goodness that you are getting good care for your eye. Looks like your only option is to be patient. We are both praying for you here, and your brother and sisters love you and are hoping that you do not loose vision.

  4. Tomaz says:


    I have been reading your blog since you have started your adventure, but I have never posted anything. But due to your health problems, I could not keep the silent anymore. My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery! Greeting from Brazil.

  5. Paul Gilster says:

    Hang in there, Frank. What a story, something you couldn’t possibly have foreseen. I’ve had eye trouble in the past but absolutely nothing like this!

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