Eye and Tahina Update

There hasn’t been a lot to report in the last several days. I have been continuing the antibiotic treatments for my eye. They say I will have to go for another week to two weeks before the infection is conquered. The treatment still involves hourly treatment of drops, but last night they let me use a single application of an ointment instead of hourly drops during sleeping hours. Because of the toxic nature of the drops, my eye has been getting more and more irritated and sore. So, I have been on a constant application of pain relievers as well (so far, just over the counter type pain relievers). Needless to say, this hasn’t been fun.

The good news is that the eye is showing some improvement. Apparently eyes are one of the slowest healing parts of the body. So, it takes a long time when they are seriously hurt to heal. The doctors have shown me pictures of the progress and it is improving. But, my eye still looks pretty yucky. Just not as bad as at the beginning.

Meanwhile, the weather off the coast has finally broken. Today Karen and Trisha will leave Lizard Island and begin a 24 hour trip back down to Cairns. It will be very nice to see them and to have the boat down here.

The Cairns Marlin Marina is conveniently located in the city. However, their pricing for catamarans – particularly one our size – is hugely off the scale. They want to charge $117 per night for our boat. The average price world-wide is about $50-60 per night. So, this is seriously out of whack. They classify our boat as an 18m boat – 15.1m – 18m range (our boat is 15.2m in length). Plus, they charge 1.5X for a catamaran (regardless of the size of your beam). If we were rated 15.1 m our price would be 35% less per night. A 15.0m monohull with the same beam as ours would pay 50% less per night. That’s totally screwed up! The dock manager told me the marina is government-owned and that they will not negotiate pricing. No exceptions for hospital patients either.

So, Tahina will stay at anchor in the river. I refuse to be charged ridiculous prices no matter what the inconvenience. My opinion of Australian marina industry continues to reach new lows.

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2 Responses to Eye and Tahina Update

  1. llamajourney says:

    So glad the infection in clearing and that you are getting the care you need. I’ve been waiting for updates, but I know you have more important things to do. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Catherine says:

    I have to agree that marinas in parts of Australia are way overpriced, a good reason to not use them very often. We were always under the impression that the marina at Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach were the most expensive in Queensland. How does it compare to them? By the way, Gladstone Marina has always had a reputation as a really good marina, nice facilities and grounds (not a resort though of course), and cheap, perhaps half the price you are quoting here. Good to hear you have had good health care and your eye is improving.

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