Eye Progress Report

At my eye appointment yesterday the doctor said there was noticeable improvement. The corneal ulcer defect reduced in size significantly. More important, the tissue that normally covers the cornea (epithelium layer) has started growing back. This means the infection is greatly reduced. As a result, the doctor has started me on the next important phase of my treatment which is to add steroid drops in the eye. This should begin working to reduce the effects of scarring which could permanently block the vision in my eye. I have another appointment for Friday to see how the new treatment is effecting the eye.

The other positive effect to this treatment he told me would be that it should improve the comfort level of the eye, reducing the pain. I began the drops today, and already this evening I can feel an improvement! I’m very encouraged and am hoping for the best possible results in the coming week of treatment.

If all goes well, the doctor told me the eye could be stabilized enough for us to begin travel within two weeks. It’s later than I hoped originally, but not too late for us to consider trying to catch up to the Indonesia Rally. But, don’t worry, we won’t leave until we get the full go-ahead from the doctor.

I have begun working on some boat projects to prepare us for travel again. We have a part we need to have shipped from the US, which I hope to have organized by tomorrow. Our starboard side electric winch stopped working recently, and I’ve determined that the control box has once again failed (I put a new one in less than two years ago – at $500, I’m very disappointed in its longevity and its 1-year warranty). I have some oil changes to perform on two of the engines, and we plan to take the boat to the marina to do a wash-down and take on water.

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4 Responses to Eye Progress Report

  1. nanag says:

    Thank you for the update. Thank God for the improvement! I hope you can still make your trip to the rally. Love from stateside from all your brother and sisters, and especially your mother!!! Kiss Karen for us.

  2. Beki says:

    Good news!

  3. llamajourney says:

    Wonderful news!

  4. llamajourney says:

    Short term steroids are good.

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