Eye Saga Continues

Not a lot of news to report since the last update. The eye treatments continue, the eye is continuing to make “good” progress (according to the doctors), and it is still not completely healed. My last appointment, a week ago, they indicated it would be another two weeks at least. Tomorrow, I find out whether I have one or more weeks to go. At this point, I can see the remaining ulcer myself (using my good eye), and the defect is smaller, but not gone yet. The bad eye still has clouded vision, and I still have to wear an eye-shield and pad to cover the eye. The eye is light sensitive, so going outside is something I have to avoid. So, basically I’m cooped up on the boat in a dark room most of the time.

Since the anti-biotic drops are still being applied, the pain in the eye continues. I’ve consumed more pain reliever pills in the past three weeks than in the rest of my entire life. Not a record I feel good about.

Meanwhile, our plans for what we’re going to do after all this are up in the air. We will just have to wait and see what my eye’s condition will be at the end of the treatments to see what options we will have. The only problem is that waiting is not a skill I have ever learned. In fact, I’m horrible at waiting.

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5 Responses to Eye Saga Continues

  1. nanag says:

    Thank you so much for the update. Our prayers are with you.

  2. Christine says:

    Sorry to hear about your eye. I’ve been meaning to email you and see you’re doing. I”m sure your eye will get better than you will be on your way again!! Be patient and just play Dragon ville!!!

  3. Beki says:

    Definitely sounds like no fun at all. I hope your patience holds up and your eye recovers soon.

  4. Behan says:

    How frustrating Frank, I can imagine that “waiting is the hardest part” (but hope you have plenty of pain meds too!). Not fun at all! I can’t imagine there’s anything the Totem crew can do for you from Brissie, but if there is please let me know. We’re heading out the 1st week in August and will be PNG bound in Sept.

  5. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and sympathy. I’m trying hard to keep my spirits up. I’m now at least working on some boat projects and starting the insurance claim processes.

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