Guest Return and Eye Update

On Monday Karen and I ran some errands in town. We used Google Maps on our phones to find buses – and it was great. Just ask for bus directions and it will tell you the nearest bus stop and the next available bus. I love mapping technology that works so well

We got a call from our friend Erin who had come to visit us on Sunday. Turns out her boyfriend came back unexpectedly (he’s been working on a fishing boat and they needed to make a repair), so we invited both of them to come to Tahina. But, Francis (her boyfriend) also brought a few kilos of fresh scallops and showed us how to cook them. Yum! (I also added a photo to the previous post when Erin first came on board)

On Tuesday I had another eye doctor appointment. The doctor said there was very good progress again. In fact, you can now see a bit of my pupil for the first time since the infection happened. Which probably explains why I can see a little around the edge sometimes. He again said that the eye will probably need another 2-3 weeks though. Meanwhile, over the last few days the eye has behaved so much better. Very little pain medicine required, and I’ve been able to run a few errands without major problems and pain. That combined with a bit of social life has certainly lifted both my spirits and Karen’s.

Over the weekend, many of our sailing friends left on the Sail Indonesia Rally from Darwin and most have now arrived at the first destination of Kupang. We hope they have a great time in eastern Indonesia and tell us a couple of places where we can stop if we still manage to follow in their tracks.

We also found out our visas for Australia have a multiple entry feature. It means that when we re-entered the country after our trip to the US in May, our expiration extended to 1 year out. That means we can stay or re-enter up until May 2013.

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  1. Hadley Horch says:

    HI Frank,
    We are so pleased that your eye is recovering so nicely. That is great! I’m sure you are anxious to start travelling again, and we look forward to following along. Take care and say “hi” to Karen for us!

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