More Eye Progress

Had another eye appointment today to verify the new treatments are working properly. The doctor was quite pleased with the progress and reported the last obvious infection remnants are gone, and that the ulcer continues to reduce in size. He indicated he thinks it will be at least 1.5 weeks before the ulcer is gone – which is when I can complete the treatments of antibiotics. After the last treatments of steroids, they may pronounce me ready to travel. Although, I may require later eye examinations.

The doctors continue to emphasize that they don’t have much hope that I will have much vision left in the eye at the end of the treatments. The steroids may help remove enough scarring to give me some vision, but given the severity, they believe it will be minimal. I’m still hoping to prove them wrong, but recognize their experience and am not getting my hopes up too high. If I don’t end up with vision, I can have a transplant at a later date (at least 6 months later) to restore vision.

The doctor recommended I go back to some drops that help dilate my eye so it will relax and reduce the pain I’ve been feeling. That combined with the healing caused by the steroids should help me reduce the pain medicines.

Meanwhile, we are moving the boat tomorrow into the marina so we can take on water, give the boat a thorough washing, and do other cleaning while connected to shore power. I also hope to start the engine tune ups.

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4 Responses to More Eye Progress

  1. Paul Gilster says:

    Keep the updates coming, Frank. I’m reminded how tough it is to be ill far from home, recalling how sick I was in Germany back in 2000, but what I had was nothing like this! We’re pulling for your complete recovery.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thanks Paul! It’s not been fun, but I’m finally having some real progress. The real difference will be when we can start sailing again.

  2. Jim Cristol says:

    Glad the eye has “turned the corner”. I hate to use the analogy, but now there really is “light at the end of the tunnel!!” Your patience with the treatment has been remarkable!! Hope it’s “smooth sailing” after the next 10 days!!

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