Package Found and Update

While in the hospital here in Cairns, I called UPS to find out what the heck happened to the package of my medicine that was supposed to be delivered on June 22nd. It still had not arrived. They said it came back to Brisbane because they couldn’t find the delivery location. Duh…it’s the biggest marina in Cairns, and a simple phone call would have got them directions. Unbelievable.

I gave them specific instructions of the location of the marina office (first floor above the Ferry Terminal), my phone number, and the marina’s phone number (they had these before). They said it would come on Tuesday…. Nope. I called on Wednesday (yesterday) and they said, it is in Cairns now, we will make SURE it is delivered today. Finally I get a call from the marina at 3:30 that it was delivered! I rushed over before they closed at 4 PM and picked it up. First thing I did was open the box to make sure they sent the right medicine. Thank god, it was right!

Meanwhile, some good news on Wednesday from the eye doctor. They had eliminated one of the bacteria based on my tissue culture which meant I could stop taking the most frequent, and most toxic, eye drops. As a result, I have a much less intensive medicine schedule and so was able to check out of the hospital and move to a hotel. The medical ward they had me in was a chaotic place, and not conducive to my concentrating on healing. The other good news is that my eye is slowly looking a bit better. It’s still a long way from looking normal, but better. I still have no real vision from the eye because of a large abscess in the cornea. It is still too early to determine how much, if any, vision I’ll have when the infection is eradicated.

Tahina meanwhile is still at Lizard Island. They have been experiencing high winds from the SSE for several days now. The forecast has that continuing through the weekend. Since Cairns is to the south, it is not a good idea to try to head south now. Karen and Trisha should be able to bring the boat back early next week if the current forecast is right. That would be good – especially because Trisha has to catch a flight home by the end of next week. It would also be good because I could stay on Tahina instead of in a hotel, and see my family.

Trisha has been dating a guy who works at the resort at Lizard Island. So, I think she’s plenty happy being “trapped” there at the moment.

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4 Responses to Package Found and Update

  1. chris white says:

    Frank … have caught your latest news. Thank heavens you were somewhere (Lizard) where you could get back to Cairns so easily and where it seems you are in good hands. Hope the treatment is going as well as can be expected. We will keep our fingers crossed for a speedy (a relative term of course) recovery and trust you will prioritise your medical recovery vis a vis Indonesia. Indonesia is a diverse culture and cannot change overnight or over year and will continue to await you at your leisure. Your next obvious English speaking port of call should you require superior medical treatment would be Singapore. Not sure what to suggest if caught between Cairns and Singapore. Singapore as you may know is truly 22nd century in all matters including health care. Thanks for your unwittingly introducing me to the your blog and in particular the notes re Google earth. Still learning …. especially re preloading google earth when with internet access, for future use with or without internet access. Look after yourself. Love and best wishes to Karen and Triscia.

    Chris, Sue and Hilary ….. Salamander.

  2. nanag says:

    Frank, are you alright? No post since July 4th, we are all worried about you. I hope your eye is okay. Please let us know something. Love to you, Karen, and Trish over there, and Ren in New York.

  3. Hadley Horch says:

    Frank, so sorry to hear about your eye. We hope to hear from you very soon. We are wishing you a speedy recovery!
    Hadley and the rest of the Horches!

  4. Fred Horch says:

    How are you feeling now? Please give us an update! Will you be sailing with an eye patch and a parrot on your shoulder? (Hope it’s okay to try to throw some humor into the situation. 😉

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